Thursday, 27 May 2010


alert, and where it belonged! Nothing can be left to chance in a battle-
afterwards seat them in easy chairs, arranging the cushions with her
a train connection, I saw a German reservist of forty-five who was
another; and the Durham ladies had always quoted the Frisbees. The
as a part of the day's work, with that singular, redoubtable
and target practice. Shall I ever forget the flash in his eye if there
about its business of throwing shells at the Germans. On the dead
as if this were his only boast. These French officers have little "side";
affection glowing in their eyes. For these were their own--their soldiers
After this and other experiences, after being given a compartment all
a shell at that point. And the gunners waited till the house of cards
A traveller's view I had of Germany in the early period of the war; but I

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